Linkury Presents: Here’s The Easy Way To Uninstall!

Imitation may or may not be the most sincere form of flattery. In the world of content, imitation is a variation on a theme at best and outright copyright infringement at worst. However, in most instances, imitation takes the form of taking an existing theme and developing it further or taking it off on another tangent – reinveting the wheel in a better, more easy to use way. More than likely this is what you have done with your content and this is what we have done at Linkury.

Every Web browser has a toolbar. Our toolbar, or as we like to call it, the SmartBar provides the functionality of a toolbar but with a few twists. It can be personalized by the end user by adding their favorite widgets, it can be placed on any side of the screen, minimized, maximized, or hidden, it receives a steady stream of updated, targeted content, and perhaps most importantly, is easy to use especially where it counts – in search and content sharing across social media sites. Simultaneous, comparative search can be performed across multiple search engines quickly and easily with the single click of a mouse. Similarly, the same can be performed with the sharing of content across social media sites.



The SmartBar also has implications for content publishers, not just end users. Due to its strong take-up by end users, the SmartBar can be used by content creators and publishers to differentiate their offering.

Integrating the SmartBar or Windows Gadget as we refer to it at this stage to content is really easy as it only requires the addition of a script; however, in this instance, big things can come of small actions. Integrating the Windows Gadget instantly places your content on the cloud resulting in tangible distribution benefits as it pertains to download speed, stability, scalability, and capability. It also gives content publishers the chance to instantly access an existing market of millions of dedicated SmartBar users as well as generate ad revenue and not only download revenue. The Windows Gadget is white label so it can easily be customized by content publishers to give it the look and feel of their product.



Another huge plus of the Windows Gadget is the ability to analyze the effects of marketing strategies. The inbuilt analytics platform offers relevant data with regard to revenues, distribution channel, date, geo-location, trends, etc. all displayed on a dashboard in an easy-to-understand manner.

At Linkury, we understand content publishers as we come from a similar background. And just as you have created something innovative, so too have we; the difference being that our innovative content was created with the express purpose of making your innovative content get noticed, find the right market, make sure it reaches that market, and maximize the chances that you monetize your content.


SO, how do you uninstall the Linkury smartbar?

It’s super-easy!

Simply head over to your Control Panel, and then “Add/Remove Software”. Find Linkury there and hit Remove!